New Ulker Cokoprens 10Pc 300G


Ulker Cokoprens, presented in a convenient pack containing 10 individually wrapped pieces, weighs 300g in total. These delightful chocolate-covered biscuit bars are a beloved treat from Ulker, offering a perfect balance of crispy biscuit and rich milk chocolate. Each Cokoprens bar provides a satisfying crunch and indulgent sweetness, making it an ideal snack for any time of the day. Whether enjoyed on-the-go or savored with a cup of tea or coffee, Ulker Cokoprens delivers a delicious moment of joy in every bite.

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New Ulker Cokoprens
This item: New Ulker Cokoprens 10Pc 300G
Castania Super Extra Nuts
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Experience Irresistible Cocoa Delight with Ulker Cokoprens: A Perfect Treat for Chocolate Lovers

Indulge in the rich and indulgent taste of Ulker Cokoprens, a beloved cocoa treat that brings joy to chocolate enthusiasts everywhere. Each Cokoprens biscuit is a delightful combination of crispy biscuit and creamy cocoa filling, offering a moment of pure indulgence with every bite. Packaged in convenient packs containing 10 pieces, with a total weight of 300 grams, Ulker Cokoprens is the ultimate snack for satisfying your chocolate cravings and treating yourself to a moment of sweet bliss.


Crispy Biscuit Layers: Ulker Cokoprens features layers of light and crispy biscuit that provide the perfect contrast to the smooth and creamy cocoa filling, creating a harmonious texture that delights the senses.
Rich Cocoa Filling: Indulge in the decadent cocoa filling of Ulker Cokoprens, which offers a rich and satisfying chocolate flavor that melts in your mouth with each bite, leaving you craving for more.
Convenient Packaging: Packaged in individual packs containing 10 pieces, Ulker Cokoprens is easy to carry and enjoy on-the-go, making it the perfect snack for school, work, or anytime you need a delicious pick-me-up.
Generous Quantity: With a total weight of 300 grams, Ulker Cokoprens offers a generous supply of chocolatey goodness, ensuring that you always have plenty to share with friends and family or enjoy as a personal treat.
Trusted Brand: Ulker is a trusted brand known for its commitment to quality and taste, ensuring that every piece of Ulker Cokoprens delivers the same level of satisfaction and enjoyment that consumers have come to expect.

Culinary Inspiration:

Discover creative ways to enjoy Ulker Cokoprens:

Quick Snack: Enjoy Ulker Cokoprens as a quick and satisfying snack between meals, providing a burst of chocolatey goodness to satisfy your cravings.
Dessert Enhancement: Use Ulker Cokoprens as a delicious topping for cakes, cupcakes, or ice cream sundaes, adding a crunchy texture and rich cocoa flavor to your favorite desserts.
Afternoon Treat: Pair Ulker Cokoprens with a hot cup of coffee or tea for a delightful afternoon break, allowing yourself to savor the indulgent combination of chocolate and biscuit.

How to Enjoy:

Unwrap: Open the individual pack of Ulker Cokoprens and admire the golden-brown biscuit layers and rich cocoa filling inside.
Bite: Take a bite of Ulker Cokoprens and experience the satisfying crunch of the biscuit layers followed by the creamy cocoa filling that melts in your mouth.
Enjoy: Continue to enjoy each delicious piece of Ulker Cokoprens, savoring the rich cocoa flavor and satisfying texture with every bite.


Treat yourself to moments of chocolatey bliss with Ulker Cokoprens. Whether enjoyed as a quick snack, a dessert enhancement, or an afternoon treat, Ulker Cokoprens promises to satisfy your cravings and brighten your day with its irresistible cocoa goodness. With its convenient packaging, generous quantity, and trusted brand reputation, Ulker Cokoprens invites you to indulge in the simple pleasure of chocolate and create moments of sweet indulgence to cherish.

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